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torsdag 8 september 2011

H&M Pastels

This is a collection of nail polishes I bought from H&M a few weeks ago and I've tried all but one before now. Awh, I just now tried on the last of the four, I couldn't resist when I took them out.. You can read about the coral coloured nail polish here, the others I'll write about later.

The lovely pastels

So, the collection consist of four pastel coloured nail polishes, though I wouldn't say the coral is a pastel - it's really bright. The others are though; a light yellow, a minty green and a light blue. Since I wasn't sure if I would like pastel colours on my nails I was so happy to find this at H&M really cheap (39 SEK if I remember correctly), and now I consider myself a pastel fan. :-)

When considering the great colours and the price of this collection it needs to be scored high.

SCORE: 4/5

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